Juneteenth, The End of Slavery In Texas




Today is a day of historical remembrance for many of Texas’ citizens. It will be marked with parades, pageants, and picnics in some communities. In other communities, it will not even get a mention or a thought. I wanted to bring attention to this day because it is about a day of freedom for people that were wronged in the most atrocious ways. There are still wounds so deep that they are raw and palpable for the great grandchildren of the slaves brought to this country on those ships long ago. As we ready for elections, we must remember the constitution, what our founding fathers envisioned for this country, and what President Lincoln knew when he signed the emancipation proclamation. It seems the politicians are so bogged down with their personal agendas, that they have forgotten their duty to uphold and protect our constitution. We must remember to vote and make our voices heard. Silence means we give our consent. I choose not to be complicit!


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