I’m in heaven!

I am at my favorite fishing spot on the Texas Gulf Coast. We have been coming here since my son was 6 and now I’m here with his daughter who will soon turn 3. I didn’t catch any fish tonight though. I was out maneuvered by dolphins! In the 17 years we’ve come to this particular spot, we have never seen porpoise in the bay. A pod of 5 or 6 swam by driving mullet toward shore to fish and catch. I have never had one breach with a freshly caught fish in its mouth right in front of me! It was a wonderful surprise! It/she/he was no more than a few feet from me. I could see the striated coloring and patterns that would identify this particular one. Someone near me thought it was a shark but I said sharks don’t take breaths when they breach the surface. I’m rambling but I’m just so excited. For so many years the animals suffered because of our mismanagement of the environment. I remember when the beaches were covered in tar and oil due to spills offshore and in the ship channels.



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